Brad Combs

Meet Brad Combs, American Axes Edgewater Manager

By Brad Combs

I recently joined the Axe Throwing family at American Axes in October of 2022. My first day on the job, they flew me to Atlanta where I was able to see the magic of axe throwing first-hand at both of their Atlanta locations and mobile trailers. I was given an axe and now it’s hard to put it down!

I’m born and raised in Denver CO, and currently live a short drive from the new American Axes location inside Edgewater Public Market. I have been all over the state and have yet to find such an amazing group of people as I have found in the axe throwing community.

Before joining American Axes, I worked as a Convenience Store Manager for the last 4 years for a line called Rocket. It was a very stressful job with very few rewards, draining on the soul. Before the convenience field, I worked for Interstate All Battery, in all sides of the batteries that power our world. I made Custom batteries as well as work closely with companies and their business needs, as well as do cell phone repair. I also have experience in Security working for both Dispensaries as well as a Local College called Loreto Heights. My favorite in the security field was working at the college, as it was an International School for ESL students. The buildings themselves are over 130 years old, and the students were always fun to meet and learn their past and what brought them to Colorado. Finally, I was a Radio Shack Store Manager, where I learned the importance of fixing anything and everything, it was a sad day when they shut their stores. It is nearly impossible to find just the right relay or capacitor with out ordering a 1000x of them online.

I’m excited for this new opportunity and the places we can go at American Axes including working to build out a mobile axe throwing business in the warm weather months. Come by our shop and let’s throw some axes!