wes smith

Wes Smith, American Axes Atlanta Senior Manager

It has been four years since I threw my first axe, I was brought to a local axe throwing venue on a date night planned by my girlfriend at the time. I picked up the skill quickly and with little coaching from the “axepert” on my first outing. While that venue didn’t put in the effort to make sure a customer learned how to throw, they did give me the space I needed to figure it out on my own.

Two years after that I first started coming to American Axes where I really developed my love for axe throwing. The coaches that worked here at the time, made sure that I knew how to throw and when I was doing well, started showing me how to throw trick shots that I had no idea about. I quickly started to develop a friendship with the employees at American Axes and eventually with the owner, Dan Fisher.

It was then that I started to think I would like to run my own Axe Throwing venue but quickly realized that I would rather be a part of American Axes. In 2021, American Axes started to grow and needed a manager to help run the stores, I quickly threw my hat in the ring! It wasn’t an easy decision for me to walk away from 11 years at the United States Postal Service, to “throw” axes for a living but sometimes you have to risk it for the biscuit.

There was a definite learning curve for some of the aspects of my job, I didn’t have much experience with computer work, sales, marketing, networking or managing employees. I picked up some of those aspects of my job a lot faster than others but I would like to think I’m still growing in every aspect two years later.