Selecting the Right Axe

American Axes loves when people bring in their own axes. The overwhelming majority of our customers use the axes that we provide which are 12-inch wooden handled hatchets. We chose these types of axes because they are safer to throw for beginners. With most of the weight situated at the top, it is unlikely the axe will bounce back if you happen to throw it wrong. You likely have seen the infamous axe throwing video and while you have to do everything wrong for that to happen, American Axes is not in the business of providing DIY haircuts. After testing many different axes, we chose to use the wooden handled axes because they outperformed metal and fiberglass handles for safety.

A second reason why we chose wooden handles is because they are about a pound lighter compared to metal handles. One of the most common questions us coaches get from customers is “how heavy is the axe?” Most of our customers are surprised at how light it is and are pleased to learn that our axes are not very heavy. A lighter axe is absolutely easier to learn with and can quickly make our throwers feel confident.

Of course, there are some who prefer bigger and heavier axes. We have Estwing camping hatchets available for people upon request and always available in our VIP Room. The Estwing is very popular in axe throwing circles but has fallen out of favor because it is almost always the axe used in the bounce back videos. Ultimately, if you don’t throw it too hard, you should be just fine with an Estwing. I wanted to end this blog post by simply saying feel free to bring your own axe as well. Finally, we encourage our customers to bring in their own axes, so long as they follow the following guidelines:

• No longer than 17-inches
• Blade is 4-inches or less
• Weight is no more than 5 pounds

Thank you for your time in reading this post and we hope everyone stays happy and healthy during this pandemic.

Further Reading:
https://www.thereviewsinsider.com/best-throwing-axes-and-tomahawks/ – A very in-depth look at different axes should you be looking to try out some different styles.
https://theaxeshoppe.com/ – This is where American Axes purchases many of our axes. Great selection for axe throwers.